Meet the stellar team leading and guiding DHNP Consulting.


Darren Horvath

Darren Horvath is the Managing Director and Founder of Progress Logistics Pty Ltd. Through his work as an international businessman he has also built up exceptionally high level business contacts with Global 1000 companies worldwide. He is responsible for ongoing innovations and contributions to the manufacturing sector, and in his capacity as Managing Director he personally oversees the technical and industrial production processes worldwide.

Here is a quick summary of his sweet spots / super value points which are the reasons for his continuous, ongoing and unique ability to help get the needed results for the interests he represent/involved in:

Strategy/ advisory services – assist in developing / shaping micro and macro level strategies. Ability to foresee what is likely to occur in the future and initiate what’s necessary to help shape it.

Economic and political diplomacy – effectively representing interests (meetings, events, media, etc.) on highest levels and in most critical, high sensitivity engagements.

Negotiations – professional negotiator who is experienced in bilateral / multilateral and multi variable political and economic negotiations. Ability to have counterparties experience comfort and trust with the initiatives presented by me (He doesn’t promote initiatives he personally doesn’t believe in).

Access/Global Network – access to and connections with desired counterparties (governments, individuals, and entities)

Opportunity Development – identification, development and maximization.

Counter-Intuitive Intelligence – unorthodox and counter-intuitive approaches that facilitate actual achievement of stated goals, not just demonstration of great efforts.

Problem Solving – multi-variable problem solving – developing and executing a strategy that accommodates various and potentially conflicting structures (such as political, economic, specific relationships, public relations, etc).

Credentials – one of the top credentialed professionals in the world.

Quick on his feet – ability to very quickly assess the situation at hand, come-up with the necessary strategies / solutions, and execute them promptly efficiently, and, most importantly, effectively to get the desired end results.

Team builder – ability to identify necessary team functions, define roles and responsibilities, as well as manage them from a board level perspective.


Stephanie Ernst

Stephanie Ernst works closely with our various clients, tailoring polymer mixture solutions for their various requirements and ensuring the successful completion of their production runs. She also consults closely with our clients to ensure their success beyond the production run, assisting with logistics and marketing solutions.


Nadine Kamleh

Nadine Kamleh is responsible for Quality Control across our range, ensuring that the products are made to the highest standard. She does this by ensuring only suitable components are sourced; monitors and manages the production runs; and finally checks the products meet our standards and the requirements of our clients.